Kauai News

2/10/24: Injured Hiker Rescued on Hanakapiai Trail

Hanakapiai Trail

A 63-year-old Florida woman was rescued by first responders on the Hanakapiai Trail on Saturday, February 10th, 2024, reports the County of Kauai. According to a preliminary report, the hiker fell 20 feet and sustained head injuries. Upon arrival, first responders loaded the hiker onto Air 1 and transported her to the Princeville Airport to awaiting AMR and KFD personnel. AMR personnel continued treatment of the hiker before transporting her to Wilcox Medical Center.

A fall of 20 feet on the Hanakapiai Trail, the first two miles of the Kalalau Trail on Kauai's Na Pali Coast, is somewhat unusual. Though trips and slips are common on the slippery and uneven trail, the trail is wide enough so that falls such as this are rare. Here at Kauai Surf Co. we are hoping for the full recovery of the woman from the injuries sustained in the fall.

1/22/24: Anaina Hou in Kilauea is Proposing Monolithic Domes for Emergency Preparedness

Kauai Resilience Center

Anaina Hou Community Park in Kilauea is proposing building three large monolithic domes at a cost of $24 million to be used as a community center and disaster shelter for the North Shore of Kauai. The concrete buildings would be engineered to withstand hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes and could even be used as a fallout shelter. Pioneered by Monolithic Dome Homes in Italy, Texas, the domes are constructed of insulated reinforced concrete. We know of at least one other monolithic dome on Kauai, a dome house built by Jo King on Menehune Road in Waimea. Jo traveled to Italy, Texas to learn the special technique of constructing a monolithic dome, a process that involves spraying concrete onto a shell. Anaina Hou Community Park is no stranger to unique buildings as there are several yurt homes on the property (photo below).

Yurt Homes

1/22/24: Lihue to Lose Macy's Department Store

The Macy's department store at the Kukui Grove Shopping Center in Lihue is one of the five stores that will be closing this year, Macy's Inc. has reported. As the anchor store for the Kukui Grove center, the closing will be a major loss for the struggling open-air mall and the local community. The final day for employees is January 26th. 

1/16/24: New York Man Dies After Fall at Hanakapiai Falls

Hanakapiai Stream

The Kauai Police Department has identified a 30-year-old male who died at Hanakapiai Falls on Sunday, January 14th, 2024 as Matthew Wu of New York, reports the County of Kauai. According to a preliminary report, Wu apparently fell off the trail and was located approximately 30 feet below Hanakapiai Falls. Questions about the report have arisen since there are no 30-foot drops on the trail. The trail follows the Hanakapiai Stream for 1.8 miles from Hanakapiai Beach to the falls. We will update this story when more information becomes available.